Beja: Start judging process “Marinel”, Haystacks in village, Ourique.

It starts today in Beja the owner's judgment of the switch from home "Marinel" (Village Haystacks-Ourique) accused of six crimes, including the qualified tax fraud and other money laundering.

It has today at the Central Criminal Court of Beja, the trial of the Spanish citizen Manuel Martinez Barros, of 59 year old, owner of an establishment of nightlife in Ourique, who is accused of a crime of pimping, another illegal immigrant smuggling, two prohibited weapon detention, a qualified tax fraud and other money laundering.

"Manolo" as it is known in the night business, I da "Residential Marinel", who was arrested on 10 June 2019, having initially been in custody, and is now under house arrest with electronic bracelet, seen the public Ministry (MP) require the loss to the State, heritage, translated into bank accounts and movable property, rated in 1.144.877,31 euros, By considering the same inconsistent with the legitimate income of the accused.

Among the seized property are, 606.489,05 EUR five bank accounts, seven cars and four rural and urban properties, one of which in São Bartolomeu de Messines (Silves), which was to build a set of nine apartments, evaluated works 700.000 euros.

The MP argues that the individual managed to get 2013 and 2019, more than one million euros, as a result of criminal activity, based on the practice of pimping, developed in the space where one switch worked from home, located next to the IC1, Haystacks in the Village, municipality of Ourique.

In addition to Heritage arrest the MP yet formulated a civil claim for damages, requiring the individual, known as "Manolo", be ordered to pay to the State the amount of 270.353,32 euros, plus interest, By missing values ​​in periodic statements of IRC and IRS.

On arrest, for five days GNR has undertaken various steps, having served a dozen search warrants, three home-based and nine non domiciliary, in various locations, including an accounting office in the Algarve, where the defendant lived.

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