Beja: no obstetrician hospital ER. Pregnant sent to Évora.

The lack of doctor in ER (HIS) Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, in Beja, made yesterday pregnant had to resort, by own means, to the Holy Spirit Hospital services, Evora, having to go over 80 kilometers without any medical assistance.

At issue was the fact that the Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo (ULSBA) failing to appoint a second doctor of obstetrics and gynecology for SU, which led to the non-viability of care of pregnant women from the 08,00 hours.

According to found the Lidador News (LN), in emergencies were not accepted enrollment of pregnant women, They not have been made any pre-ups to determine their state of pregnancy, It is communicated to you or family, they had to resort by their means to another hospital and was closer to the Evora Hospital.

Yesterday morning (Sunday), at least two pregnant women, in urgent situations, They were taken to that hospital. The situation was reported also to CDOS, We were informed by the management of ULSBA, that "would not exist obstetrician in the US".

The missing tip was confirmed by administration of the LN ULSBA, explaining that "for imperative family doctor can not scaled to service", adding "from 15,00 hours the situation will be overcome ", remataram.

After a second further contact at this time, justified that the administration from 20,00 hours is "stabilized with two doctors in the ER". However our newspaper found that the obstetrician entered service was intended only for hospitalized patients in the Obstetrics Service, which runs on the 5th floor Beja Hospital. Patients who came to the emergency continued, to be sent to other hospitals, without even going through screening.

The Lidador News found that the submitted document, via mail, by ULSBA to CODU and transmit it to command fire district, stated that “over a period of 24 hours, a partir the 08,00 Sunday hours” there was an obstetrician in Beja Hospital SU, Subsequently and after the contacts made by LN, to confirm the lack of clinical, mail was sent again to report that from 20,00 hours the situation “return to normal”.

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