Beja: Man judged by his brother attempted murder with a knife.

A man of 45 year old, resident in Beja, It began yesterday to be tried in the Criminal Court of the city court, charged with an offense of aggravated homicide, in attempted aggravated form and threat, perpetrated against a brother.

The facts occurred in a city artery on 13 December 2018, AntĂłnio Barrocas when crossed with his brother and asked him if he had been to steal two mobile phones and some headphones that had at home.

The individual accused the brother have jumped the wall of the housing, after opening a door and stolen goods. On the street there was a strong discussion and in the heat of the words, Antonio pulled out a knife and struck a blow on his brother's neck, according to the indictment prosecutors, "With the intention to kill".

satisfied not uttered many expressions against brother Paul by which "promised to kill a future time". After strike the knife on his brother's neck fled the scene and threw the knife under a parked car, which would later be recovered by agents of the Criminal Investigation Police Station PSP Beja.

Heard by the Collective of Judges said that was the brother who "attacked" and that the wounds that his brother had been a "casual cut", adding that was also injured, They are detained without having "been treated at the hospital", where had moved on foot, "I was arrested because", justified.

One of the elements of the PSP ear, He said that the accused had blood on his hands "which could be the victim" and that in fact "had been arrested" in hospital. The individual is in custody, and risks a severe sentence of imprisonment exceeding five years.

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