Beja: Pregnant forced to go to the hospital in Évora, We had a girl.

“All is well that ends well” adage is that you can apply to the fact that the pregnant woman forced to go to the hospital in Évora, and had a girl, an hour after entering the health unit.

An hour after arriving at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, Evora, Having done through screening, the woman who was forced to travel with her husband in the car itself, She gave birth to third child, a girl, named after Joan, weighing 3,400 pounds.

It started just passed the 19,00 hours Tuesday, when Ana Rita, 37 year old, He went to the ER (HIS) the Beja Hospital and lack of medical specialty of Obstetrics, that was in effect from the 06,00 hours that day, until 08,00 hours yesterday, what happened the fifth time since the beginning of this year.

The woman pregnant 40 weeks, It was refused registration and observation by an attending physician in the US, having been transported by the husband, operating the Beja fire, He was admitted to the Hospital of Évora 21,42 hour and an hour later gave birth to girl.

In the online page of the Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo (ULSBA), the board of directors issued a statement which stated that he was assured "the on-call specialty, as well as the emerging service by a surgical medical team ", que após a notícia de ontem do Lidador Notícias (LN), It has been deleted.

On Tuesday afternoon, when the case is still unfolding in the hallways of the health unit in Beja, contacted by LN, the chairman of the board of county ULSBA, assured unaware of the situation, as: "I'm on vacation and do not give the contact Clinical Director, because it is out of service ", justified.

The fact is stranger, taking into account that during the day of Tuesday, three pregnant were admitted to the Beja Hospital SU were entered, observed and then transported to Évora, in ambulances firemen.

Along the way and to avoid any abnormal situation, a friend contacted the fire Portel, halfway between Beja and Évora, who were ready to watch the woman initiated the case labors.

revolted, Sunday rod, husband of the mother revealed to LN, that will draft the Complaints Book a protest against the treatment of women in Beja Hospital. "First I do it in Évora and Beja then the deplorable state. We treated unworthy shape by a physician. I am a firefighter and give life to help others and was demeaning ", says irritably. Mother and daughter are well, tomorrow should leave the maternity ward of Évora Hospital.

It is recalled that last day 9 June, a woman gave birth to a girl, an ambulance the fire Aljustrel, I had to stop a village gas station, for lack of obstetrician at the hospital in Beja.

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