Beja: GNR entre 15 and 21 October arrested eleven individuals, two for theft in residence.

The GNR arrested in Beja district eleven people in flagrant offense, namely, for driving without legal authorization, driving under the influence of alcohol, drug trafficking and theft.

The arrests and seizures are some of the highlights of a set of operations, no district, carried out by the Land Control Beja (CTBeja) the week of 15 a 21 October, which aimed to prevent and combat violent crime, road inspection, among others.

In a statement on the operational activity sent to the wording of Lidador News (LN), GNR also gives account that there was an awareness of action under the program “Safety in the Elderly” and another in schools.
With regard to the type of crime of drug trafficking, CTBeja the military detained two individuals, and seized 34 doses of heroin, 82 cannabis seeds and a car. For other crimes were seized two firearms, 794 counterfeit goods, 13 aluminum doors, 7 aluminum windows, um veículo e dois telemóveis.

Of traffic control operations and surveillance in general, The following evidence records: 270 detected offenses, highlighting-se 22 by missing or improper use of safety belts and / or restraint system for children, 21 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 19 relating to tachographs, 15 for lack of mandatory liability insurance, 10 by misuse of the mobile phone in the course of driving and 9 for driving with alcohol level in blood higher than allowed by law.

As for road accidents, GNR registered forty-seven accidents, with a dead log, two serious injuries and fifteen minor injuries.

As regards the general control, They were prepared fourteen notices of contravention, oito no âmbito da legislação policial e seis no âmbito da legislação da proteção da natureza e do ambiente.

A GNR levou ainda a cabo uma ação de sensibilização no âmbito de “Idosos em Segurança”, having been sensitized 44 elderly and in schools have been sensitized 69 students.

The Territorial Command Beja, Section through the Crime Prevention and Policing Odemira Community, on 18 October, It held an awareness-raising action aimed at older room.

This awareness action, which included the presence of the military at the Center for Research and Support of Victims Specific and with the collaboration of the Junta de dos Pinheiros Boavista Parish, We aimed to raise awareness of vulnerable people, such as the elderly, in the sense that they can adopt safe behaviors to reduce the risk of becoming victims of crime. The military, under the operation "2018 Census", yet issued safety advice, namely, to situations of violence, derision, confidence trick and theft in homes.

The GNR has developed, awareness actions directed for the elderly since the beginning of October, having already sensitized 44 people.

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