Beja: FESTIVAL B, to celebrate Mariana Alcoforado and 350 years of Portuguese Letters.

It was presented today at the FESTIVAL B 2019, dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of Mariana Alcoforado 350 years of Portuguese Letters and organized by the city of Beja.

"It is an initiative to promote Beja, for its culture and history and intangible heritage ", Paul has described Arsenic, the second B Festival, this year dedicated to Beja city Mariana Alcoforado, which will take place between 27 and 30 June, to "celebrate the 350 anniversary of the first publication of the Portuguese Letters nun who lived in our town ", justified.

During the presentation that took place on the morning of Friday, of Beja Regional Museum, where the nun met by French captain who fell in love, the Mayor of Beja argued that the initiative will be "the local expression much in the Alentejo, at the level of local artists and cultural agents in the various sectors "and that as last year" will have four stages around the monumentality built the historic center, inviting roaming the city's nooks ", finished.

The mayor revealed that "will be made a television documentary about the life of Mariana Alcoforado", in Portuguese, French, English and Japanese.

The Bejense singer Paulo Ribeiro, will again be the artistic director of the festival that the mayor reminded to be "the right person to put this project in place to which we aspire", summed up.

The artist explained that the issue of 2019, "Departed from other principles" very different from those that guided the last year dedicated to Sing, snack and fado, claiming to be "mis eclectic by iconographic figure Sor Mariana Alcoforado", justified.

Paulo Ribeiro added that "there is a logic in spectacles. We want the concerts are unique in content and unpublished duets ", revealing to be held artistic residencies in order to "bring something to them and take Beja Festival B in the heart", finished.

"There is a bet on local artists and big names of Portuguese music", said Paulo Ribeiro in the presentation, having an expression pulled loose some laughter: "The installing commission of Trovantes will be in Beja", concluded.

Highlighting the performances of Ram Kyao with Carmo Beja Choir, John Gil and Luis Dams with Sing Group Female Aljustrel, Jorge Palma and Mafalda Veiga with the Beja Dance Company or even Valentine's Wing and the Philharmonic Capricho Bejense.

Paulo Monteiro, responsible for Bedeteca and the Festival of Comics of Beja and winner of the National Animation Award 2018, will be responsible for editing "A story in comics", about the life of Sister Mariana Alcoforado.

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