Beja: Pensioners Federation promotes “Day Fight”.

Aiming see approved “decent pensions and decent pensions” held in Beja, an “Journey and fight promoted by pensioners organizations, pensioners and elderly.
The Federation of Pensioner and Elderly Retired Associations of the District of Beja and InterReformados promote next day 15 January, Wednesday, in Beja, starting at 10.30 hours in Mértola doors and parade to Social Security, a concentration demonstration in defense of decent pensions.
The organizations promoting this initiative appeal to all pensioners, pensioners and elderly people to participate in this concentration and parade giving their presence strength and visibility to the claim so that a State Budget that values ‚Äč‚Äčand promotes decent pensions and reforms can be approved.
This action of struggle is integrated in a wide range of initiatives to be promoted by the Unitary Movement of Retired Persons, Pensioners and Elderly (MURPI) and InterReformados in several different locations throughout the country.
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