Beja: Lack of accused and witnesses postpones trial of drug trafficking in prison.

The defendant and the two witnesses did not attend and trial was postponed. Issued two warrants of arrest and a new notification, this for a prison guard.

The absence of the defendant and the two witnesses, He led the magistrate Mariana Piçarra to issue arrest warrants for Salome G. it's your husband, Louis S., who has already served his sentence that was subject to the same type of crime and a new notification to the prison guard who was the main witness in the case, for the session that was scheduled for the next day 13 May, to 10,00 hours.

The judge did not give as valid the reasons for the defendant, how we had no economic possessions to appear in court, or the prison guard, how he was on sick leave and decided to fine the two.

The woman, of 35 year old, resident in Évora, is accused of a crime of drug trafficking, after being caught getting into drugs in Prison Beja (EPBeja).

The facts on trial occurred in 19 November 2017, when L Salome, He was visiting the then boyfriend who was arrested in EPBeja and inside the living room, simulated kiss the same, moving from his mouth to his, a small plastic casing containing 0,19 grams of heroin.

A prison guard in the room took the drug to the detainee, taking the woman was then handed over to the PSP Beja who was in charge of the investigation, which led to the woman's accusation, who risks a sentence of imprisonment exceeding five years.

Teixeira Correia


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