Beja: Nurse sentenced to six years in prison for a sexual abuse crime.

Nurse who performed duties of Beja Hospital was sentenced to six years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse of incapable of resistance person. It is inhibited to exercise the profession and to pay compensation to the victim.

Six years in prison, suspension of the exercise of functions at the same time and 15.000 victim compensation euros, were the decisions of the judgment of the Collective of the Central Criminal Court Judgment of the Court of Beja, yesterday sentenced a nurse for a crime of sexual abuse of incapable of resistance person.

The victim, which constituted assistant in the process, He watched beside his lawyer, to the judgment.

Bruno E.C., of 36 year old, He was charged with two counts the Collective considered as one crime continuously, perpetrated against a sick woman to the emergency service Beja Hospital, one case occurred in the early hours 18 July 2013, a bathroom that hospital service.

The prosecution contended in the indictment that the woman was unable for any reaction or body movement, by virtue of the applied medication and also because of being under the influence of narcotics.

During the reading of the judgment, the magistrate Mariana Piçarra, It considered that the court "has proven to all factuality of the prosecution", arguing that the forensic expert heard during the trial "was clear, objective, impartial and technically supported with a speech ", concluded.

The judge explained that for this type of crime "prevention measures are great," adding that it is necessary "to deter the perpetrators of these practices", finished.

The accused will await released the final judgment of the Collective Decision, having at the end of reading your defender, Dulce Amaral, told the news Lidador (LN) that will "appeal to the Relationship", showing up very agastada with what he said was "the greatest injustice ever happened in the Court of Beja", concluded.

Had in Beja Hospital breast, as "an excellent professional and a person integrates", after the events and on request, the nurse was transferred to a basic emergency service (SUB) a health center from another location in the district, which is still.

Who knows the case, It states that the change had to do with "the professional capacity of nurses to strengthen the service in the SUB and not as a result of any internal process", said.

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