BEJA: EMAS improve wastewater management in urban areas.

A EMAS de Beja, prepared for 2019 a strategic operating plan to a significant improvement in the management of wastewater networks Beja county.

Of course, the greatest added value to this issue stems from the new Wastewater Treatment Plant Beja.

Complementarmente, knowledge and company experience in managing this type of infrastructure, allowed diagnose the most urgent intervention needs at this level, with special focus on issues related to the operation, maintenance and operation of the network of sewage and rainwater, as well as investments needed for this purpose.

In this sense, It will be an investment in preventive and corrective maintenance work, which is expected to result in a decrease in the number of incidents related to blockages in the sewerage network.

For this purpose is under way a comprehensive and detailed survey of the register, a network that consists of more than 170 km of total length, accounting for a total of 4623 manholes.

The current strategy adopted, simultaneously with the input operation WWTP Beja, put the city as a reference in terms of treatment of urban waste water, in line with what has already been possible to achieve in other sectors.

It will thus be possible to close the urban water cycle, in its two operational dimensions of "high" and "low", but also in its two environmental dimensions, capturing water in the water medium with a lower loss rate, reducing the pressure on capture scarce environment, but simultaneously returning the treated waste water with a quality compatible with the receiver means, avoiding negative impacts on the state of the masses waters and natural ecosystems associated.

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