Beja: EMAS integrates Interrail knowledge.

EMAS integrates Interrail knowledge tests and self-protection measures against fires in the headquarters building.

The EMAS integrates another partnership with the Municipality of Beja, reinforcing its commitment to environmental education and attended the presentation to the project community "Interrail Knowledge", held on 10 Janeiro, at 10:30 am, the UNESCO Center in Beja.

Integrated in Beja Educa program, the project "Interrail Knowledge", among others, intends to make a path between the various areas of knowledge, allowing travel for content, contexts, different events and spaces, thus contributing to a more diverse teaching, addressed to all students in Kindergarten and Cycle 1, the Beja county, through non formal education experiences, and a recreational and educational interpreting.
It is in this sense that integrates EMAS another partnership with the Municipality of Beja, reinforcing its commitment to environmental education, presenting a new experience for the younger, called, "The Palace of Water", in which they will be developed experimental activities with water feature. The sessions will have a duration of one hour and will be held free of charge at the headquarters building EMAS, on Thursdays by appointment.
This and all information about the project can be consulted and coordinated with the education service of the Municipality of Beja.
EMAS tests "Self-protection measures against fires".
All implemented procedures were strictly adhered allowing validate the Action Plan and the respective "Self-protection measures against fires".
The simulacrum that began by 11:30 am, on 8 January 2019, It was the culmination of the implementation of the "Self-protection measures against fires" which involved a training and internal training program to EMAS employees, in order to enable a response to effectively address a serious disaster situation or imminent.
In this sense they were involved in the operation, in addition to all company employees who perform professional duties in the headquarters building of the same, various external entities, namely, the Municipal Service of Civil Protection Beja, corporate members of the Fire Beja Volunteers, the Public Security Police and a company of reference in the consulting area in implementing the measures of self-protection.
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