Beja: Two private hospitals, a clinical and other veterinary will be born in 2020.

Two private hospitals, a clinical and other veterinary, They should be born in Beja from 2020, having the council sold three plots of land, a total exceeding 2.725 hectares, by 356 thousand euros and will create between 170 and 270 work posts.

In the first case it is an investment between 16 a 25 million, providing for the establishment of 150 a 250 work posts, played by ALT-Hospital Alentejo Private.

It is a project of a business group with various investors, among which are administrators of the HPA Health Group, owner of hospitals and private clinics in the Algarve, Alentejo Litoral and Madeira.

The hospital whose deed shall be made by the end of this year, It will be built on a plot of more than 22 thousand square meters, that the municipality sold for 301.000 euros and is located next to the football field Conceição Neighborhood (na photos), This entry in the city, the link Spain / Serpa Beja. Early 2020 the private clinical hospital project will be received by the Urban Management Division (GIVE) town hall.

On the other hand the veterinary hospital, It is a project of the Veterinary Hospital of Animalia-Alentejo, that already exists in Beja from 2005 and you want to expand, for this I purchased the municipality two plots of land with 1.367 square meters, by 55 thousand euros and may create about two dozen jobs, an investment 700 thousand euros.

This project will be located in the Housing Estate, about what 500 meters from the city hospital, having already done the deed of the land and the project given entry in the SAD, waiting for the company to publish the opening of EU funds warnings, through the Alentejo 2020, to apply for work.

These are two of the investments that the Municipality of Beja made known to the assignment / sale 26 lots of land, the majority in the North Zone Home Business (Zaen), which will result in investments that may reach 70 uro million and create more than four hundred and jobs half.

Na zen, the city council have 28 lots of land, having already assigned 22 lots, 2Th at step 1 and 1 in phase two having been put to tender the remaining six. The first phase companies to install should invest about 44 million and create about 200 work posts.

During a press conference organized by the city council it was to know that the contract is underway to create new roads and upgrading of current, besides the construction of infrastructure of ZAEN, an investment 1,9 million, 1,6 million, of which EU funds and the rest of the local authority responsibility and the beneficiary companies.

Paul Arsenio, President of Beja House, He explained that "looking at the future with optimism and with the business momentum created", adding that would have "bigger investments. All municipalities would like to have your Autoeuropa or Embraer, but we are motivated ", concluded the Mayor.

Teixeira Correia


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