Beja: Two years after the deadly hit, defendant gets suspended sentence.

Suspended sentence 4 years for drunk military man who mortally hit a cyclist. The family “does not accept” verdict.

“A human life, the one of a son, worth four years in prison with suspended sentence ”, was António Martinho's first outburst, mortal victim's father, on leaving the Beja Court after hearing the sentence sentencing the Air Force military (FAP) drunk who ran over a cyclist.

Filipe Alves, the first sergeant of the FAP, at the time of the facts in service at the Air Base (BA) 11, based in Beja, It was ordered to 3 years and 6 months of crime of gross negligence homicide and the 1 year and 4 months for the crime of omission of aid, that in legal cumulative resulted in the single penalty of 4 years suspended for the same period.

The accused, during one year, will have to pay 1.000 euros to the Alcoitão Recovery Center and the additional penalty of two years of disqualification from driving motor vehicles. The victim's family was compensated by the insurer, a value that LN was unable to ascertain,

Judge Pedro Alexandre “dropped” the crime of dangerous driving, by drunkenness. While reading the sentence, the magistrate justified that “the suspension of the sentence is not an acquittal”, concluded.

Military lawyer Paulo Sternberg, maintained that “the court judges who is here, not who left and found a framed and coherent frame ”, concluded.

The facts occurred on the afternoon of 29 June 2018, when the accused mortally ran over Jorge Martinho (na photos), of 52 year old, when I left Air Force Base (BA) 11, based in Beja, drunk at the wheel of your car. He abandoned the victim on the ground without providing assistance and was arrested by the GNR when he sought refuge inside the unit. Subject to test blood alcohol, accused a rate of blood alcohol / BAC), of 1,701 g/l.

Following a process initiated by the Air Force, under the Military Discipline Regulation (RDM), the military was punished with 30 days of disciplinary arrest, As accomplished within premises BA 11.

Now in an internal investigation process that will run after the sentence becomes final, the Court communicates the penalty to the Air Force, o militar agora em serviço na Base Aérea Nº6, no Montijo, may be expelled.

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