Beja: District with the highest increase of fatalities in road accidents.

The Beja district recorded the highest number of fatalities in road accidents during 2019, compared to the previous year.

The data contained in the annual report of the National Road Safety Authority (Mor) showing that between 1 January and 31 of December, on the roads of the region died 31 people, more 8 than 2018.

The death toll in the district has been on the rise since 2017, having last year been registered more 10 dead, as the number of accidents rose from 2.114 to 2.227. The reality of the numbers in serious injuries is the one that has fallen, passing 96 in 2017, to 74 last year.

In the municipality of Ourique number of accidents, increased from 2018 to 2019, rising from 46 to 62, what has made the registration of deaths which rose more noticeably, which increased from 3 in 2018 to 7 in 2019, sendo o IC 1 and Wolf Portela section, as "black dot" means that, where it occurred the overwhelming majority of deaths.

The month of May was the darkest and deadliest roads in the district, where there were six dead. A collision between a passenger car and a horse in the IP2 near Beja, caused the death of the conductor, while the screen an ambulance delegation of Red Cross Safara, in the municipality of Moura, He was in causing the death of two occupants. The other three victims were registered on 18 May the county of Ourique.

Two accidents in IC1, a collision and a screening, three men die, one of 25 and two 86 year old, and three others suffered serious injuries. The last occurred in 9 of December, when a young girl 22 year old, natural GarvĂŁo (Ourique), daughter of a military GNR, He lost his life in a collision with another passenger car.

The south of Ourique, the section of IC1, in Lobo Portela, about 10 kilometers between the harsh valleys of the Serra do CaldeirĂŁo, It features up to be a very winding path, in some places with two tracks upwards. Recently signs were placed speed limiters having downloaded the 90 To the 70 kms/hora.

Mario Batista, Commander of the Volunteer Fire Department Ourique, states that "compared to the condition of the apartment, any rain to fall immediately originates accidents ", adding "the possible placement of fixed radars, only causes the deterrence of drivers in those places ", arguing that these "should suit driving to road conditions", finished.

Turn, Joseph Garlic, former patrol the Traffic Brigade during 30 year old, He maintains that "the large wounds on the road are cell phone use and alcohol", adding that there is no surveillance "because of the lack of effective. Missing 5.000 effective in Table Organic GNR ", supports.

To justify the scenario that calls "poverty" in patrolling, Joseph Garlic reveals that the Traffic Detachment of the country's largest district "there are four bikes. There are long periods of time without a single patrol the roads. Commands the Guard do what they can, it is the fault of the Government ", ends.

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