Beja: Arrested for violating enforcement measures for domestic violence.

An individual 45 year old, resident in Beja, was yesterday arrested by the Security Police (PSP) pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by a Judge of the Court of Beja, on suspicion of the crime of domestic violence.

The man was arrested outside of flagrante delicto after violating coercive measures to which he was subject by that type of crime. Has learned the Lidador News (LN), the individual tried to molest his ex-wife, who complained, judge having ordered the suspect be, the same being held at the police station the PSP Beja, being present tomorrow the judge first interrogation.

Another man, East of 71 year old, who is being investigated for the crime of domestic violence, It was the target of a search warrant, as agents of the Criminal Investigation Police Station PSP Beja, They suspected that the individual had in his possession several weapons (na photos), You could use against the victim, your woman.

The search was authorized by prosecutors of Beja which resulted in the seizure 5 hunting weapons, 1 air gun, 1 gun and self defense, gauge 6,35 mm, various ammunition associated with the seized firearms and even a machete, 2 knives and spear.

The man was not arrested and the case is still under investigation by the PSP, having seized weapons been delivered to prosecutors, who will be in the custody until the completion of the survey.

Precedent of PSP activity

In addition to the above two situations, between 9 and 13 August, the District Command of the PSP registered and highlights more the following operating results:

Pursuant to an Arrest Warrant 1 person, of 31 years, for the fulfillment of effective prison sentence 6 years and 3 months, conviction for the commission of several crimes of theft and possession of 1 person, of 55 years, by motor vehicle driving under the influence of alcohol, having accused a BAC of 1,66 g/l, and without legal authorization for this purpose;

We identified two people: a 38 years, on suspicion of consumption of narcotic product, with seizure 8 Individual doses of hashish and another 27 years, on suspicion of consumption of narcotic product, with seizure 1 single dose of hashish.

Inspection operations: 7 Bus Inspection Operations, framed in Beja CD Operational Activity and the National Inspection Plan, which accounted, 121 inspected vehicles and 115 Drivers submitted to the breath test and 23 offenses detected.

preventive actions / awareness and other: The Weapons Center and Explosives CD Beja, the period under, proceeded to gather 11 hunting firearms, forfeited to the State.

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