Beja: Held to ask for help in fire. Stolen car former commander.

The individual caught in the barracks of the fire Beja, car stolen with the former commander of the corporation, He was sentenced to community work in the same Humanitarian Association.

Um individual 28 year old, resident in Oeiras, He was arrested yesterday, cerca the 00,30 hours, inside the barracks of Beja Fire, hours after having stolen the private car at the former commander.

The theft occurred at about 23,45 hours in Santa Clara de Louredo, village that is distant five kilometers from Beja, which had shifted Manuel Baganha, and the park will have left the car open, with the keys in the ignition.

The individual, stole the car, after coming to outwit in one of the Beja access roundabouts, damaged the car on the left side, in particular, and the wheel suspension. Unaware that the car was the former commander, He went to the fire station for help, where the switchboard operator identified the car and told PSP.

Intervention Left agents went to the spot and arrested the suspect in the act of trying to change the car wheel. Could the police realize that the individual has no driving license and "owns" a broad record of shoplifting crimes and drug trafficking.

This yesterday afternoon before a magistrate of the Local Criminal Court, It was tried in summary proceedings, having been sentenced to 1.000 euro fine, converted into 200 hours of work for the community, which will meet in Beja Fire Volunteers.

Teixeira Correia


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