Beja: Construction of the Justice Palace in tender.

Should be completed within three years the construction work of the new Palace of Justice Beja, an estimated investment of 5,2 million to which takes place, until next day 6 of September, the tender to assess the construction company responsible for undertaking.

According to the site, whose source the, this is the second of its kind initiative, after February have been released another tender which turned out to be empty by the absence of companies interested in carrying out the work.

It is recalled that in 8 March 2017, the Lidador News, exclusively revealed that the project to materialize is by the architect Carvalho Araujo office, who devised a more comprehensive proposal than originally had been proposed.

Staff at the atelier of Braga proposes the promoters of this project an amendment to the implementation defined in Detailed Plan, including changing the sports complex / campsite, north of the intervention of land, to a green park situation, "Redefining and eliminating physical barriers that conditioned the visual extension ratio south, on the surrounding countryside of Beja ".

The project proposes the adaptation lot with a trapezoidal deployment, with the further development northbound / on, This adapting the side / West orientations of the respective adjacent urban networks. Within this trapezoid is deployed the main building volume, rectangular deployment, with 3 floors, with the development of larger side northbound / on.

West side, according to the technical description of the project, "A square that defines the main framework of the building and the relationship with the north the city is created. It works like square that defines the main access to the building and as 'terrace' with the view of the surrounding Beja, redefined the boundaries of transition between urban and agricultural areas ".

The building is in line with surrounding volume and the design of a square to the west and a service yard to the east allows you to create a framework that separates typologically the housing engaging and reinforces the institutional character of the building. At the same time it allows you to create transitional spaces that build simultaneously interaction and privacy in the relationship between the new building and housing urban environment.

Developing itself as the shot north to park, the continuity of the surrounding green possible to reinforce the transition relationship between the urban networks.

The square and the courtyard services are framed by a foundation which on one hand increases the square and on the other limits the patio, allowing perform a transition between the land dimensions. On this basis "land" the remaining two floors of the building, performing the square locking spring.

According to the description of the work, the building is divided into two wings, accessible via common courts, located in the center of the building, we 3 floors. These wings correspond to different entities, with autonomous management. Through Norte Priesthood-a NTDF (Administrative and Fiscal Court) and ward South Central Instance Section for Families and Children, Instance the Central Section of Labor and Local Instance Civil Section.

Generally the major functional groups are divided by floors. Not flat 1 located the main entrance of the public, made by Justice Palace Square, giving access to the main lobby and reception. These floors are located the main services of the courts and the authorities with access to the public.

Among these are the offices and the services of the public ministry. Not flat 2, with access via stairs and elevators, are located in the zones of offices of judges and floor 0, with access through a service yard, located in the courtrooms and associated areas, the zone files and held zones.

The circulations of the building are arranged with a total separation of service circulations circulations of the public. The vertical location of the access groups permit a complete separation of the passageways as well as a functional autonomy of the wings.

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