Beja: Eastern nationals illegally occupy vacant facilities amusement park.

The old water amusement park "Beja Aquatic", located in the village of Our Ladies Neves, county Beja, next to the National Road 260, It has served as shelter for immigrants.

The majority of Romanian citizens, who traveled to the region to more olive harvesting campaign, that take the place of abandonment with broken glass and forced open doors, namely that it was the ample space of the cafeteria, to put mattresses and evening use the space as a dormitory.

The Board of Our Ladies of the Snows Parish, It is aware of the problem and has warned the Municipality of Beja and GNR. The local authority has come to talk to the owner, towards the site to be sealed, but everything remains the same. In April 2014, one of the premises of the park there was a fire, who at the time said the popular GNR be used by young tarred with drug consumption.

The space built by the Algarve businessman construction Francisco Contreiras, It opened in May 1989, but three years later he ended definitively for lack of customers. From there the space also served to some of the land club initiatives and Annex space on dirt, still they held some of the issues of the annual festivals of the village, and was later vetoed the abandonment. About a decade the president of the Parish Council met with the property owner to find a solution to the space, but, went nowhere.

The invasion of abandonment to the premises concerned the Mayor of Our Lady of the Snows, Jorge Mata, that as soon as learned of the improper use of the space communicated to the authorities. "I informed the GNR, who went to the site and oficiei the camera for action to be taken before there are serious problems with the population, robberies and assaults, or even between them ", justified.

The mayor has yet present a discussion which ended in assaults with a weapon, occurred in the village last day 18 May, involving three Romanian citizens, who were drunk and ended with two injured, one in serious condition and that led to the perpetrator stay in custody.

The Mayor of Beja, He confirmed to have been "alerted" by the mayor of Our Ladies Neves and that "space has been the subject of a survey", presented "few safety conditions, if there is a storm, which can cause damage to residents and drivers and vehicles circulating on the EN260 ", materialized.

The mayor added that the technical authority "have already made contact with the owner of the space" so that it can be "closed up down, sealed or demolished ", justifying that the city council "does not put aside the administrative office of the park", to achieve one of the three proposed solutions ", finished.

Paul Arsenio, He revealed that the owner will have shown interest in "subdivide the space for housing", but that it is licensed "to another atitivade", no case, trade and services.

As in other situations, if this does not succeed, the local authority may be replaced the owner, performing the work and then charge the cost to them.

GNR source confirmed that "was at the scene and took the people to abandon the space", having had "an action of prevention and not of repression", for it is a situation "very sensitive for involving human beings", justified.

It is recalled that the GNR has under way since the day 29 October "Operation-field Insurance Phase II", date on which it started over an olive picking season and back to the fields of Alentejo hundred east of citizens, mostly Romanians, to do this work.

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