Beja: Moldovan citizen accused in two murder attempts.

Today begins the trial of a Moldovan citizen accused in two murder attempts. The crimes occurred in Our Ladies Neves, county Beja, in May last year.

A Moldovan citizen, of 47 year old, It will be judged by two degree murder, the attempted form, after wholesale to stab the two brothers Zabica, following a discussion that took place inside a house in the village of Our Lady of the Snows, in Beja county.

Iurie Mihalache, farmhand, one of many hundreds of East citizens who were in the area in olive picking, reside in the same housing with other individuals and Romanian fellow, including Sergiu, of 30 year old, e Igor Zabica, of 31 year old, and he did not like that the brothers had eaten meat that was in the fridge and it would be his property.

Cerca the 20,40 horas do dia 19 May 2018, armed with a weapon, Iurie struck first Sergiu, having dealt him several blows to the body, one of which caused a wound about 10 cm chest wall.

After, or Moldovan, Igor attacked and struck several blows to the face, chest, upper limbs and neck, near the jugular vein, that almost caused her death. On the night of the crime, logo which was received at Beja Hospital, the eldest of the brothers Zabica, Igor, It has undergone emergency surgery, that have saved his life.

To erase the signs of crime, Mihalache Iuriu, breaks down the knife and changed his clothes that was bloody. While the two injured were treated in hospital, the alleged perpetrator of aggression, first admitted to the GNR and then the inspectors PJ Faro, the authorship of the facts. The murder weapon has not been found today, so it was not imputed the commission of a prohibited weapon detention crime.

On the night of the crime Lidador News (LN) Igor attended the transport to the hospital, taking Sergiu street assaulted twice Iuriu, who claimed to have been the author of the feud and assault with weapon.

Two days later, the attacker was present at the Criminal Judge of the Court of Beja, having been ordered to probation, awaiting trial in Prison Beja.

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