Beja: CDU bill states that the water increase. PS states that water does not increase.

In a statement the CDU accuses the majority of PS has approved an increase in the water bill for the authorities and the citizens. Socialists refute and say that water does not increase.

The decision was taken at the Board meeting held last December and approved with the votes of a majority votes against PS and the CDU councilors, que justificam que o aumento “It is carried out via water supply component and through the tariff increase of the wastewater component”.

The Communists maintains that this increase for municipalities (House and Parish) “will have a significant impact on the accounts enabling EMAS, taking into account the average consumption of the last 4 year old, a variation in revenue of about € 335,000”.

In the document the council members of the CDU justify “as regards the increase in wastewater component of EMAS rate justifies the tariff increase with the increase of costs associated with agda, claiming that is expected to 2019 the beginning of the billing on the WWTP Beja, Santa Clara and Santa Vitória do Louredo, We wonder at that situation and it is necessary to clarify”.

When Lidador News President of Beja House, explained that “a water component does not increase”, adding that “to consumers increases the component sanitation”, leaving the assurance that “soon to explain values ​​and reasons”, finished.

Teixeira Correia


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