Beja: House reopens religious monuments in the city from the 1 August.

Municipality of Beja took, transiently, the opening, a partir de 1 August, the St. Andrew Chapel, Church of Our Lady of Joy and Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, substituting in the process “APT – Land Ports Association”, to have new management new legal formalities.

In his facebook page, President of the Chamber of Beja, It addresses the issue of management “APT – Land Ports Association”, and the reopening of some closed religious spaces.

Paul justifies Arsenic “having inherited a very new C.M.Beja situation, very complex under “APT – Land Ports Association”, in which shares responsibility with the various diocese, with respect to maintenance / opening of some religious character spaces of the city, we can move things begin to be remedied”.

The mayor justifies “held in early July elections to the new governing bodies of APT” and, while deriving the formalities for installation in legal terms cool, “It was immediately decided to reopen a number of city spaces that had long been closed and that will value – and how – the cultural offer and tourist city”.

In this way the diocese has reopened the foot of the Church of the Cross and the Sé Cathedral Beja and Beja CM will ensure transiently, a partir de 1 August, the opening of the following spaces:
– St. Andrew Chapel – from Tuesday to Saturday between 10.00 and 13.00h.;
– Church of Our Lady of Joy (na photos) – from Tuesday to Saturday from 14.30 to 18.30h.;
– Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary – from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00h and 14.30 to 18.30h;

These hours will be in effect until 31 October may be revised from 1 November, date on which the APT to replace the CM Beja at the opening of responsibility of the above identified areas.

The mayor justifies be important “Enhance and promote Beja”, returning to make available to citizens and visitors “the best that we have to show, It is something for which we fight and we try to find daily solutions, not always easy / possible”.

To finish, Paul maintains that Arsenic “in dialogue with the institutions so that together we can build a County which we increasingly take pride”, finished.

nas labor case “Territory doors”.

In January of this year, the Beja Labor Court (JTB) condemned Development Association Regional Land Ports (APT), payable to a worker, compensation of 10.084,34 euros, plus interest, for non-payment of salaries from May to July 2017 and other subsidies.

António Gonçalves, 35 year old, was an official of Territory Ports Association (APT), being arranged as a concierge / guardian of Church Bishop Prazeres Museum Beja, since August 2010, and the last three months he worked for the institution, He did not receive any salary.

In October last year, the worker was admitted to a lawsuit in JTB, with Judge Catherine Serra now recognized "the existence of just cause of termination of the employment contract", justifying that the defendant "failed without justification to a hearing of the parties and not objected" complainant's requirements.

The magistrate added that "in the face of the judgment of delivery is void the audience for discussion and judgment", condemning the Territory doors to compensate the worker.

The APT was established in 2008 the Diocese / Department of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Article) and the Municipality of Beja, in order to "enhance the existing resources and to apply for EU funds for the protection and promotion of heritage".

On 24 April 2017, without anything did wait, the Bishop of Beja, D. João Marcos extinguishes DPHA and the direction of APT, made up of members of the founding institutions, Resign and no one takes responsibility.

Teixeira Correia


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