Beja: Base Aérea 11 You will receive new helicopters Koala Aw 119 Air Force.

Meet the Koala AW119, the new Air Force helicopters. Released the first images with the official painting of the AW119 Koala, which will replace the Alouette III, They are operating from the Air Base 11, in Beja, and in use since the colonial war.

The Air Force revealed this Wednesday the first images of helicopters AW119 Koala painted with the colors and the Cross of Christ of the branch of the aircraft.

Portugal will buy at least five Koala, Arrival forecast keeping until the end of this year of the first two devices, official source said Air Force.

Koala AW119MKII will replace the Alouette III fleet 552, at the service of the Air Force since the days of the colonial war in Africa.

The United States is the initial core of pilots and mechanics to be trained trainers and take courses from the manufacturer of the Koala, Italian company to Leonardo, to form the remaining elements of the station crews 552 – known as BumbleBees – after returning to Portugal, said Lt. Col. Manuel Costa.

With the arrival of the first devices – to come unarmed – get the call initial operational capability (IOC, English acronym) two Koala, airbase in Beja.

The AW119 Koala operate at night and will come equipped to support fixed firefighting operations. But, militarily, these light helicopters can carry out the tasks hitherto performed by Alouette: Basic instruction and advanced flight, search and rescue, medical evacuation, patrolling and observation.

Able to carry up to seven passengers or a stretcher and five passengers, Koala can still move 1400 kg of suspended load.

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