Beja: Autarchy advanced with work on the roof of Core Sembrano.

A Câmara Municipal de Beja deu início à impermeabilização da cobertura do Núcleo Museológico do Sembrano, in Beja. The Center is now closed.

Started yesterday waterproofing works building coverage where does the Museum Center of Sembrano, work performed at the beginning of the XXI century, under the BejaPolis Program.

Existing waterproofing screens on flat roofs are damaged, at which will run a new waterproofing, applying new membranes on the existing floor rooftop.

It will be further ensured the replacement of existing polycarbonate skylight in that, for their age, They have a dull and aged look.

A work consigned to impremiabilizações company specializing in the amount of € 29,992.42 + 6% VAT with a deadline of 30 days. For this reason, the Museum Center of Sembrano will be today tomorrow.

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