Beja: ANAFRE now choose the new district officers. The president is a socialist mayor.

Vitor Besugo, Chairman of the Parish Council Beringel, will be tonight ratified as District Coordinator of ANAFRE in Beja District.
The District Delegation of the Electoral Assembly of Beja of the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE), It takes place this Friday, entre as 17 e as 19 hours, at the headquarters of the Beja City Parish, no Largo Santa Maria.

The Electoral Act will elect the District Coordinator, members of the Governing Council and the General Meeting, for the next four.

Vitor Besugo, of 44 year old, Chairman of the Parish Council Beringel, will be elected district coordinator, spearheading a consensus list between the two main political forces in the district, PS and CDU (PCP-PEV). The mayor of Beringel succeed Alvaro Noble and will be the first socialist to chair the delegation.

Has learned the Lidador News, the 75 parishes or union of parishes, 44-PS, 29-CDU (PCP-PEV) e 2-IND, only 61 are members of ANAFRE, 32-PS, 28-CDU (PCP-PEV) e 1-IND, may participate in the Electoral Assembly.

Teixeira Correia

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