Beja: ACD Penedo Gordo- Being the village but represent the city.

Cultural and Sports Association Penedo Gordo, club structures, dreams of the district title and play in Portugal Championship.

Once you have eliminated the Milfontes Beach, by 2-0, CDA Penedo Gordo receives the next day 28 of September, do not “San Siro Penedo” the Fabril Barreiro, the Portugal-D Series Championship (3 games, 1 point), into play the 2nd round of the Portugal Cup.

Of all the villages that are around Beja, Penedo Gordo, about 1.500 population, It is the one that is not parish council, part of the Greater Santiago Parishes Union and St. John the Baptist, one of the two city Alentejo, which is distant five kilometers. Still and perhaps why, but quite the merit of the work of its leaders, Cultural and Sports Association of Penedo Gordo (ACDPG), It has been widely supported and built a valuable buildings and sporting heritage.

Last season was the true glory for the institution, which now bear the "title" of: "Most representative club of the county" to the senior football level.

The field, opened in December 1970, which was owned by the House of Commons, She spent for the management of Union Parish and mercy of a protocol, It belongs to the club over the next 25 year old. already electrified, in 4 November 2018, in connection with chamber, synthetic turf was opened, having in January of this year was signed a protocol between the guild and the Beja Football Association (AFB), for the Field Carolina Almodovar pass to the "House of Selections" AFB.

With an application by AFB, a program contract with the Portuguese Football Federation, and an additional funding of Parishes Union will be able to start construction in November of the bench, with new changing rooms, a project of around 120 thousand euros.

The middle is the conquest of the Second District of the 1st Division and the "stamp passport" to play the 1st round of the Portugal Cup, unprecedented feat in the history of the club.

founded 44 year old, as a result of a split with the People's House, a ACDPG, It has undergone ups and downs in his sporting life and associative.

After a break of a decade of inactivity, in 2011/2012 football returned to Penedo Gordo, with the disputed Inatel Cup and two years after winning the district title. In this revival a name deserves particular emphasis, Antonio Calatróia, a butcher / butcher, who along with a handful of leaders was heard again the name of Penedo Gordo. "We stopped being a village club and we are increasingly City. We grow land based players, this year are eight four come from 2011. We have more ambition, because we have more quality. I have a dream: Want District Champion, DAMN", says eyes shining "Jesus District", as is known Calatróia.

President's 3 year old, Hugo Burrica followed in the footsteps of Joaquim Correia and Nuno Martins, and the goal is to "do something positive for the club and the land. Bring more people to Penedo Gordo and so develop the community and infrastructure ", justified.

Elections are at the door and will submit a new application for president, "All together, do a great club ". Son of a former assistant referee Veiga Wheat (Manuel Burrica), Hugo also cherishes a dream "to win the title and compete in the Portugal Championship", concludes.

when tomorrow (8 of September) the team take the field to face the Milfontes Beach, also the District of Beja, "Everyone will remember the unprecedented feat we play the Cup. We want to go to the next round ", shoots confident.

Identity card

Foundation: 21/06/1975, Local games: Playing Field Carolina Almodovar Fernandes, partners: 200 and Honours: District champion Beja Inatel (2013/2014), District Champion 2nd Division A.F, Beja (2014/2015), Series Champion 2nd-Division A.F.Beja (2014/15). District Vice-Champion of the 1st Division of A.F.Beja (2018/2019), disputing a first round of the Portugal Cup (2019/2020).


"Cigars", Name Cheerleader: Taking advantage of the nickname because natural Penedo Gordo are known, young people who founded the cheerleader named the same "Cigars", a tribute to the land of the people.

"San Siro Penedo": Mercy of a protocol signed between the club, Parishes Union and Beja Football Association (AFB), Carolina Almodovar field, apelidaado of "San Siro Penedo" will be the training center for all the selections AFB.

Figure: Antonio Calatróia (Coach, 55 year old)

Born in Pias, lives in Beja, but "my heart is in Penedo Gordo, I lived 43 years". Train the club since 2011/12 and everyone treats him like the "Jesus of the District". You have a dream "District be Champion", justified.


Guarda-redes: John Belly, Philip Pepper and Pedro Mendes, defenses: Igor Conceição, Francisco Alves, Ricardo Skull, Tiago Venancio, Peter Marciano and Carlos Nobre, average: Paul Grace, Duarte Farias, Lucas Teixeira, Vasco Caçoila, John Caçoila, Captain James and Philip and Velhinho advanced: John Sparrow, Diogo Campaniço, Miguel Guerreiro, Luís Serafim, Chico Gonçalves, Telmo Facaia, Gonçalo Torrão, Miguel Facaia and Igor Pires.

Technical team: António José Amador and Calatróia (treinadores), Diogo Runa (assistant coach).

President: Hugo Burrica

Teixeira Correia


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