Beja: Acquitted septuagenarian involved in an accident that killed five people.

Septuagenarian involved in the collision of a car with a cart, which resulted in the death of five people, parents and three children, was yesterday acquitted by the Collective of Judges of the Court of Beja.

Under tight security, in particular inside the courtroom, the Collective of Judges, chaired by Magistrate Ana Batista, yesterday acquitted the septuagenarian, Swiss nationality, resident in Albufeira, charged with five crimes negligent homicide and negligent offense crime to physical integrity.

In September 2015, Jean Jacques Pagnard, of 77 year old, the wheel of his Mercedes collided with the back of a horse-drawn vehicle, they were traveling in six Serrano family members, Roma, having killed his parents and three children.

The accident occurred in EN2, next to the IP2 node, access to Castro Verde Village, following an overshoot of the car that crashed into the back left of the cart, causing the fall and the death of five people and seriously injured a girl, the only survivor, now with 17 year old.

After a quick reading of the facts and not proven, and before to inform the decision, the magistrate explained that "the fact that there was not one simple reason tragedy to condemn compared to what went on trial" and that led to the accused's acquittal.

The Collective of Judges eventually receive and give as valid the arguments presented by the Ministry of Attorney (MP) Beja, Striking Antonio, I had asked the acquittal of Jean Jacques Pagnard.

Before the reading of the judgment the magistrate warned the families and friends of victims who were in the room, that if they had a less own behavior would be sent to be removed from the chamber. In the final, unhappy with the collective decision of Judges, They concentrated near the door of the court, mas quando Jean Jacques Pagnard, escorted by a team of Intervention Fleet PSP Beja, went to the car that transported him from Albufeira was not offended.

In another case will be tried civil claims for compensation requested by the families of the five victims to the accused now acquitted.

Teixeira Correia


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