Beja: 27Sporting th Anniversary core is held to 1 of December.

The Center's 27th anniversary commemorative luncheon Sporting Clube de Portugal Beja held on the next day 1 of December.

The core Sporting Clube de Portugal Beja (SCP core Beja), chaired by Luis Lima Covas, celebrated on 1 of December, Saturday and National Holiday, the 27th anniversary, coletividade fundada em 23 November 1991.

The festival will be staged at the Beja Parque Hotel, where from 13,00 hours is held the celebratory lunch, que segundo a direção do NĂșcleo SCP Beja, with the presence of “Sporting the universe of individualities”.

The last president of Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP) who was present in the core of the anniversary celebrations, was Bruno de Carvalho, during the 25th anniversary celebrations, in 2016.

In 27 years of anniversary celebrations of “Beja Lions”, four presidents of Direction “Mother house”, They were present in “city ​​Pax-Julia”.

The first leader Leo to be in the core of the anniversary of Sporting Beja, baptizado na sua fundação como como NĂșcleo Sportinguista de Beja, foi Sousa Cintra, after JosĂ© Roquette, Godinho Lopes was the 20th anniversary in 2011 e finalmente Bruno de Carvalho, in 2016, the celebrations of “Bodas de Prata”.

Dizer que o NĂșcleo do Sporting Clube de Portugal de Beja teve quatro presidentes de Direção: JosĂ© Gaspar Rodrigues, JosĂ© AntĂłnio Henriques, Manuel Lima and currently Covas Covas Luis Lima.

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