Baixo Alentejo: Post Almodovar stations, closed ravines and Vidigueira.

Three post offices closed Beja district county seats, Almodovar, Ravines and Vidigueira. The case of frontier municipality is the most serious.

The National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Workers (SNTCT),He accused the administration of CTT-Correios de Portugal, have the Alentejo "in reducing targeted management", against the closure of Almodovar stations, Ravines and Vidigueira, and are preparing closing of Alvito and Cuba.

Asked union accusations the press office CTT explained that "we have no comment on the statement", justified. As for the spoken closure of Alvito stations and Cuba, the same source said that "only after the decisions are made and coordinated with local authorities, Comments will be ", remataram.

Antonio Patola, shop steward, argues that "closing stations, creates unemployment, with the extinction of jobs ", accusing the administration of CTT to "reduce the services provided to the population", justified.

The SNTCT points the case of Barrancos, as "the most ridiculous and troublesome", since those who want to treat their savings or financial matters at the Bank CTT, "have to do 100 kilometers to travel to Moura and return home ", justified to JN, Antonio Patola, union leader, in Beja.

John Serranito, President of Barrancos Chamber explained that a month ago "we were faced with a case settled by the company and delivered to a private", adding that "there is a written undertaking to maintain the services", justifying that the authority "did not get any complaints from the public about the lack of services", finished.

The union accuses the administration of CTT will "generate profits for shareholders and grow CTT Bank, taking advantage of the image of the company and its employees ", justifies Antonio Patola.

The union's concerns were seen also for Beja, where there are two stations, and recently, also in the urban area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe city, He opened an office in partnership. The main and oldest station, located in the city center and has the bank, PT works in Building, and second it was possible to ascertain, costs 3.000 euros / month income. The other, CTT known as Pax-Julia, only shop post office, It works in its own building.

"It's not innocent opening of the post of the shared post. For reasons economicist, for us is the beginning of the closure of one of the seasons', sentenceia Antonio Patola.

About this possible outcome, CTT justify that "many open jobs, They have no relation to the transformation of stores ", concluded.

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