Aviation: Fees at the airport of Porto and Faro rise. In Beja terminal are equal.

The fees at the airports of Oporto and Faro increase today 1,4% and 1,49%, respectively, according to a resolution of the ANA's Executive Committee – Airports Portugal, dated November. Beja in the same remain unchanged.

The proposal for the average overall increase in rates 1,40% to Porto is based on an estimate of nearly 12,5 million passengers traveling in that city, regulated revenue 100,8 million euros and revenues regulated by person 8,06 euros. The increase in revenue is expected to approach the 1,3 million.

As for the rise 1,49% in rates of Faro, ANA presented the estimate 8,8 million passengers, regulated revenue 72,7 million euros and adjusted revenues expected 2019 per person 8,21 euros.

In Lisbon, the consultation process for updating values ​​began in September 2018, but in early October the regulator of the sector (ANAC), imposed suspension, after checking “a contradiction” between the concession agreement and the calculations.

It was resumed in 26 November, He recalled the ANA — Airports Portugal, who informed, The same determination, the average rise in regulated rates, in annual terms, Wood is the 0,01%, in the Azores is 1,38%, while in Beja there will be no increases.

Number of passengers 55 million in 2018

According to figures released by Vinci Airports, the company that owns the ANA-Airports of Portugal, the number of passengers at Portuguese airports amounted to 55 million in 2018, representing an increase of 6,8% yoy, data not having been revealed for the Civil Terminal Beja.

Beja received 1.564 passengers between April and June 2018.

It is recalled that according to the data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), for the second quarter of 2018, or Civil Terminal (airport) Beja (TCBeja) has received 1.564 tourists, more 756 than in the same period last year. As for domestic traffic no passengers between April and June.

The TCBeja accounted for 0,01% of all domestic traffic in fifteen airport structures of mainland and islands, that exceeded 15,5 million passengers.

By TCBeja passed 13 passengers in April, 19 in May and 1.532 in June, total no 1.564. Last year passed the Bejense infrastructure 796 passengers in April, 0 (zero) in May and 12 in June, which totaled 808 visitors.

Given the figures recorded in June 2017 and 2018, was recorded, according to figures from the INE, an annual growth rate of more 12.666,7% (more than 12 thousand percent).

In regard to domestic traffic, there was no passenger has passed through TCBeja between April and June of this year. According to the INE, in the same period last year there was a movement 483 passengers, all during the month of April.

These figures can be gauged that all traffic, 1.564 passengers, who went by the TCBeja in Q2 2018, It was of an international nature, in other words, 13 passengers in April, 19 in May and 1.532 in June.

Regarding this situation, no 2nd quarter 2017, They passed by TCBeja 325 passengers, 313 in the month of April, 0 in May and 12 in June, which meant an increase of 381,2% this year.

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