Local: elections 1 October. Lists and polling places in Beja county.

No Sunday, day 1 October, the country is called to the polls to choose Autarchic Organs for the next 4 year old. There 738 candidates for posts in the Town Hall, Assembly Hall and Parish Assemblies of Beja county.

Meet the competing lists and Beja County voting Sections.

In the municipality of Beja, They are 738 competitors citizens, between effective and alternate, to a place in the Town Hall (62 candidates), city ​​Council (169 candidates) and the Parish Assemblies (507).

Notice: Autarquicas_2017_Listas_Definitivas_admitidas

AT Municipality of Beja compete, By order of the notice, five lists, PS-Paulo Arsénio, PPD / PSD-Pinela Fernandes, Block Left-José Pedro Oliveira, CDU John Rocha and CDS / PP-Louis Dargent.

AT city ​​Council also compete five lists, PS Fernando Romba, PPD/PSD-Fernanda Pereira, Block Left-Gina Mateus, CDU-John Dias and CDS / PP-Magdalene Palma.

One by one let's see who compete to the Unions and Parish.

Parishes union Santiago Major and St. John the Baptist / Beja: PS-Jorge Parente, PPD/PSD-José Hilário, Bloc-Joaquin Curro and Miguel Ramalho-CDU, Parishes union Salvador and Feira / Beja: PS-António Ramos, PPD/PSD-Maria Fernanda Sousa, Block Left-Ana Costa, CDU-Luis Vieira, Baleizão: PS-John Cascalheira and CDU-Silvestre Troncão, Santa Clara de Louredo: Sandra Reis-PS and CDU-Luis Gaspar, Parishes union Salvada and Quintos: PS-Nelson Cruz and Sergio CDU Fool, Beringel: PS-Vitor bream and CDU Francisco dos Santos, Fat Head: PS-António Barros and CDU-Maria Rosa Lucília, Trigaches Parish Union and São Brissos: PS-José Galhana, USTB-States by Trigaches and St. Brissos-Amancio Montinhos and CDU-Isabel Santos, Parishes of Union de Santa Vitória and Mombeja: PS-Rute Merêncio, Block Left-Álvaro Monteiro and CDU-Julieta Romão, Parishes union Albernôa and Trinidad: PS-Carlos Casimiro and CDU-Jorge Aurelio, Matthias: PS-António Grade, PSMCT-Per-Mathias With All Leonel Sousa and CDU-Maria Coelho and Our Lady of the Snows: PS-Edgar Gaspar, PSD-João Rocha, Bloc-Daniel Ramos and Jorge Mata-CDU.

Meet the 38 Meetings and sections of Beja County Vote, with their numbers of voters voters, in the elections to the City Council, Municipal Assembly and the Parish Assemblies.

Notice: Autarquicas_2017_Mapa_Definitiva_assembleias_voto

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