Local: 9.396.680 voters can vote. Beja District has 126.614 voters.

Portugal has 9.396.680 registered voters who can vote in the next municipal elections, less than nas do previous, they were registered just over 9,5 million. District of Beja's 126.614 voters.

According to the decree published today in the Official Gazette, the latest data from the central base of the electoral census indicate that they are registered 9.369.574 nationals, 13.462 EU citizens, non-nationals, and 13.644 other citizens foreign residents in Portugal.

In the last municipal elections, in 2013, they were inscribed 9.501.103 voters. Of these, just over half voted, since abstention was 47,40% (They did not vote 4.503.098 voters).

In the District of Beja may exercise their right to vote 126.614 citizens, wherein 125.967 national, 577 European Union citizens and 70 citizens Foreign Residents in the district. The municipality of Odemira is one that has the highest number of registered non-national, and 42 Foreign residents and 435 the European Union. Alvito, Canyons, Castro Verde and Ourique, não têm inscritos cidadãos Estrangeiros Residentes, while Cuba is the only municipality, where no EU citizens registered to vote.

The county with more registered voters is Beja, with 29.534 and which has a lower number is Barrancos, with 1356 voters.

Distribution of voters by county district of Beja. Aljustrel: 8.374, Almodovar: 6.473, Alvito: 1.910, Canyons: 1.356, Beja: 29.534, Castro Verde: 6.268, Cuba: 3.803, Ferreira do Alentejo: 6.771, Mértola: 6.287, Moura: 12.634, Odemira: 20.622, Ourique: 4.536, Serpa: 13.230 and Vidigueira: 4.811.

The municipal elections are scheduled for 01 October this year, the lists must be submitted to the next day 1 August.

Teixeira Correia


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