Alqueva: Pilot project helps farmers to combat pests.

EDIA has an ongoing pilot project to combat pests by natural means, enhancing the fixing bat colonies on farms in the area served by the design alqueva.

The bat, It is an insect-eating animals, it appears as an important ally of the man in the biological fight against insects, in most cases, are pests for crop installed, including mosquitoes and olive moth, among others.

By being specially designed boxes installed for refuge of bats in places previously selected, mainly trees, conditions are created so that a colony of bats occupy and, thereafter, greed advantage of these animals for an effective pest control in crops.

Each bat species occupying these boxes, weighs about 6 gr and consumes per night half their body weight in insects. And if we consider that one box can hold about 200 bats, then we can say that every bat box will be responsible for the decimation 7 million and 200 thousand mosquitoes per month, or 3 million and 600 thousand moths olive. In other words, a month, one box, may represent a capture 18 kilograms of insects.

This measure aims to support farmers in pest control, reducing or even nullifying the specific treatments that are given to the cultures, making them more environmentally sustainable.

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