Alqueva: New nautical center, pool and river beach will be born in Moura.

Another nautical center will be born in Alqueva, He announced the Municipality of Moura, with water activities, equipment rental, restoration, floating pool and river beach.

The Municipality of Moura and the management company of the Alqueva, Alentejo, They prepare to create the station Boating Lake Alqueva - Moura, composed of several infrastructures and that will allow nautical activities, taking advantage of the potential of the county and the reservoir.

Most activities take place at the crown of the Alqueva dam, said the mayor, Álvaro Azedo.

According to the mayor, the project aims to "add, foment, consolidate and leverage potential "of the county and the Alqueva the nautical sector and make the water sports 'tourism development engine'.

The station, which has already been certified by the Ocean Forum - Sea Economic Association, will hold events and provide services such as maritime and sightseeing, water sports, rental equipment for water sports and vessels, river taxi, fishing tourism, and amateur sports, accommodation, catering and trade.

The works will take place in four phases, to start in September next year and the last step to getting in 2020. The third and fourth stages include building, near the dam crown, the Nautical Center Moura / Alqueva and playground equipment and leisure, as a floating pool and a river beach.

This will be the fourth space of its kind to be born on the Bayou Alqueva, then existing in Reguengos de Monsaraz (na photos) and Mourão and the Amieira which will start being built this year yet.

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