Alqueva: EDP ​​investe 3,5 million in new floating solar plant.

The entry into operation of the project in the Alqueva dam is expected to 2020, the company said in a statement.

According to the online edition of “Cash Money”, EDP ​​will invest 3,5 million euros in a new project of a floating solar plant in Alqueva dam, after the results of the pilot project in Upper Rabagão, in the north.

The new four-hectare project is in licensing DGEG, and the process of assessment of environmental effects to be conducted by CCDR Alentejo.

It is anticipated that the licensing is completed in late September, and that the work of installation will take about a year. The input operation is expected to 2020, the company said in a statement.

The investment will be announced on Monday by the CEO of EDP Mexia during the visit of Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, Matos Fernandes, the wind farm Penacova.

Conducted feasibility studies in the Upper Rabagão, EDP ​​has now decided to move on to a new project in Alqueva, but with larger scale (4MW) and complementarity to a water pumping system with central, allowing the reuse of water for electricity generation.

The project will involve the installation of 10.750 panels, occupying an area of ​​four hectares (the equivalent of four football fields), and have an estimated annual production 6 GWh, enough to power a quarter of the population of the two municipalities in the region (Portel and Moura).

In November 2016, EDP ​​invested in the pilot project of floating photovoltaic plant of Upper Rabagão (na photos).

"With a pioneering technology at European level, to test the complementarity between solar and hydropower, the project exceeded expectations, accumulating a production 6% higher than expected since its inception and greater efficiency than the solutions on the ground, besides clear environmental benefits ", said electric in the same statement.

This pilot in Upper Rabagão consists of 840 solar panels, occupying an area of 2500 square meters, They have an installed capacity of approximately 220kWp and an estimated annual production of about 300 MWh.

"The introduction of a photovoltaic power plant on a large scale hybridized with the central Alqueva allow a doubling of energy drained at the same point, no need to increase the capacity of the line ", EDP ​​said in the same statement.

In addition to the floating solar hybridization with water with pumping, It will also tested the combination of this technology with a battery system, that will create the first living laboratory of the intersection of renewable energy with storage, again anticipating the future of energy production.

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