Almodovar: Tribute to their Miners in the South Entrance Rotunda.

The Municipality of Almodovar will pay tribute to miners, with the inauguration of a statue of homage to these professionals, so important in our county and our region, the new Roundabout South Village Entrance, which happens to be called “Miner roundabout”.

The Municipality of Almodovar pays tribute to the men and women, Miners Almodovarenses and all miners, the importance that this activity has in our county and the symbolism of this profession and its strong link to the economic development of the region and country.

This tribute to the miners Almodovarenses will take place on 4 from December, by 15:30h, in the Rotunda of the newly reclassified South Village Entrance, which symbolically will be renamed as “Miner roundabout”, in Almodôvar. We will have the presence of His Eminence the Bishop of Beja, Administrator of Somincor, as well as numerous organizations and local authorities.

In the symbolism of this statue, Almodovarense the municipality intends “reflect the economic and social importance of mining activity in the municipality of Almodovar, as well as in all surrounding counties”. Antonio Boot, Mayor, stresses that “Almodovar honors this way all the miners who work daily so that this activity is one of the most significant and most important in our region, giving real importance to all who work within the earth to bring to the surface the best living conditions for their families”.

This Work of Art is by the sculptor Aureliano Marques de Aguiar, the same author of the works of "urban art" that paid homage to other professions, such as “Statue of Shoemaker” or "Fire Truck", both installed in the county seat.

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