Aljustrel: attempted murder in Mills River begins today being judged.

It begins today at the Court of Beja, the prosecution of an individual who is accused of trying to kill another man. The case occurred last year in Mills River. The victim and another individual will also sit in the dock.

A brawl at a ball that degenerated into attacks and threats of death and ended with a shot of a shooting rifle, He led the prosecution (MP) Judgment of Ourique, accusing the three involved in disrespect occurred on the night of 1 April 2018, in Mills River, county Aljustrel).

Pedro C.G., of 39 year old, He was charged with the offense of aggravated homicide, in the form attempted aggravated, Nelson B.G. and Andrew S. G., both of 31 year old, Simple physics to the offense of crime, coauthored, Nelson is still charged with an offense of crime to simple physical and André, a driving crime without legal authorization.

The events took place between the 05,00 e as 06,00 hours during the Pine-Ball held in the village of Mills River, reasons for paying a beer, after all the defendants were drunk.

According to the order for prosecution, Nelson and Andrew beat Pedro, still having the second went the house of the latter knock on the door and make him death threats. Cerca the 07,40 hours and full of threats André, Pedro loaded the Winchester rifle and struck a shot against the car in which he was traveling, that between the rear registration plate and fragmenting the driver reached the neck.

Pedro C.G. He has been in custody, in Prison Beja, from 2 to April 2018 to 25 September of the same year, when the measurement was replaced by permanent housing with electronic surveillance. Nelson and Andrew already been subject to the measure of coercion of identity and residence term (TIR), that still maintain.

Teixeira Correia


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