Aljustrel: Company Transaqua and administrator, judged for abuse fiscal confidence.

The Transaqua and an administrator, They begin to be tried for abuse fiscal confidence. The company is insolvent and has about 14 million debt.

The Iberian-Transaqua Society of Piping, SADDLE, based in St. John Negrilhos, county Aljustrel, and your Mario Molina Mijares administrator, a Spanish citizen, residing in Oeiras, start today to be judged by a tax embezzlement crime, co-authored practiced continuously and.

According to the indictment dispatch of the judgment Attorney General Jurisdiction of Ourique (JCGO), where will be held the trial (nphoto Court of Ourique), defendants retained in their possession and not delivered to the State, through the Tax Authority (AT), the amount of 18.776 euros, regarding funding for the IRS deducted and retained the remuneration of workers.

Although discounted workers have not been paid 9.221 euros, concerning funding of salaries April 2016 and 9.555 euros, May the same year, considering the Deputy Attorney Ruth Ramos, that although notified by AT, "The defendants never made payments of the amounts referred, acting in defense of their own interests ", concluded.

AT through the Aljustrel Finance Services, introduced a third process of tax enforcement, referring to June 2016, but, the magistrate considered "not have existed crime, because the company did not pay due to employees, logo did not retain any sum ", justified.

At the beginning of the investigation and extracted an enterprise certificate, They contained also as members of the Board of Directors of Transaqua, José Massano André and José Pujante Escribano. Heard several employees of the company, they stated that only Mario Mijares Molina, "I made all the decisions" that led to the prosecutor shelve the pending case against those two elements.

In 10 July of last year, the Attorney General's Office announced that the JCGO, stemmed in an investigation that prosecutors, It was assisted by the Judicial Police where it "is investigating the possible existence of crimes in managing the company", which entered into insolvency in October 2017.

The Transaqua has a debt 13,9 million, 6,9 million to Caixa Geral de Depósitos, 2,4 million to Caixa Leasing, 2,1 million and the IAPMEI 2,5 million to other creditors.

The company was incorporated in 2009, by Portuguese and Spanish businessmen, It began producing prestressed concrete pipes in 2011, but four years later the activity was interrupted and 2016 It used a special process Revitalization (PER), but was eventually declared insolvency.

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