Aljustrel: electrical discharge 6 a thousand volts, let miner in critical condition.

A worker of mine Aljustrel, He was seriously injured and was transported by helicopter to the Burn Unit of the Hospital of St. Joseph, in Lisbon, after being electrocuted, having received an electrical discharge 6 a thousand volts.

The accident occurred at the end of Monday afternoon and was the room that happened this year in the Mining Complex of Almina, which resulted in two dead and three seriously injured.

The Union of Workers of the Mining Industry (STIM) asked yesterday (Tuesday), with urgent character, meetings with the Ministers of Labor and Economy, to "expose the continuing lack of security conditions in the mine. We proposed the holding of the meeting next 12 July", Jacinto revealed Anacleto, union leader.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) from a source who works in the company "the victim was doing maintenance work on Lavaria and for reasons that are still unaware of the electric current has not been disconnected", adding our interlocutor that "the electric current entered it by the fingers and made her a hole in the lower limbs", concluded.

The warning of the accident came to the attention of the District Command Relief Operations (CDOS) Beja to 19,30 hours, but all operational resources were mobilized by the Urgent Patients Guidance Center (CODU) the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM). Put the matter to INEM on the reason being the CODU guide the rescue was told that "precisely because it is the mission of CODU, coordinate the activation of emergency services ", justified.

CDOS the source of Beja told LN that "was requested activation of an ambulance Aljustrel fire to provide the coordinates of the football field for the helicopter to land", concluded. It turns out that in 11 Feb., following an accident inside the mine, which resulted in one dead and one seriously injured, an air of INEM half had already landed at the soccer field.

Asked INEM explained how the application of new coordinates of the football field if there 5 months landed an aircraft Institute, this provided no explanation, explaining that "the INEM has no decision on locations for landing aircraft, this being an information managed by the company that operates the aerial means of INEM ", concluded.

In the last week of June, there was an accident in the mine (mining Fetal, a loading machine with, which was completely destroyed, who had no slices consequences for the shunter, one did that was operated by remote control. In the same month, There were also two fires. In all cases, nor CDOS or firefighters had knowledge, having the internal security services and help overcome the situation.

"The security conditions are zero. We are the legitimate representatives of workers, but we are stemmed from the company. It is a dictatorship ", held Anacleto Jacinto, do STIM, that recalled the last strike, in November 2017 "Had the only goals to ensure the health and safety of workers. They were not concerned wage increases ", held.

The leader of the STIM considers that "the president has handled the miners, as second-class workers. It will take place five or six deaths to have the attention of our President ?", questioned Anacleto Jacinto.

In the Civil Protection page (Provic) the means were described that have been moved to the place of accident, 12 operational, four vehicles and a helicopter, but it was not possible with the Beja CDOS, ascertain its origin.

Later in questions, INEM clarified that "in emergency medical shed, INEM triggered the Emergency Medical Helicopter Évora, VMER Beja and SIV Castro Verde ".

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