Aljustrel: Approved Budget and Major Planning Options (GOP).

The Major Planning Options (GOP) and Budget of the Municipality of Aljustrel for 2020 They were approved by a majority, in the session of the City Council held on 6 November 2019.

The proposal was approved with the votes in favor of the elected PS and the abstention of councilors elected by the CDU.

The approved budget, with a total value of 16 996 543 euros, It is admittedly of continuity with the previous year and reflects the strategic directions that the municipality of Aljustrel intends to implement in the coming years.

Note also that the correspondence of Major Plan Options, document essentially technical-legal aspect, the county development strategy should be done at various levels, associating strategic guidelines for municipal level, intermunicipal, regional e nacional, searching, simultaneous, set goals that integrate the funding opportunities under the eligibility of Structural Funds and European Investment and national funding programs.

In the County development framework of Aljustrel, in terms of quality of life and long-term sustainability, the local authority aims to promote social cohesion and intraterritorial, in a climate of inter-generational and social cooperation, where solid relationships are dominant.

Aims to city council chaired by Nelson Brito (na photos), a county more open to fruitful relations with the territories and people that get involved, with the country and the international community, particularly through Aljustrelense diaspora spread across the world, promoting intercultural, where people and families, coveting happiness with respect for the planet, bet in healthy and sustainable consumption.

In socio-economic terms, It is desirable diversified business fabric, sectorally and scale, who knows how to practice social and ethical responsibility to the territory and communities in which it operates, job generator and worthy employment for the vast majority of the active population.

It is the good performance of the projects supported by external strategic funds for the development of the county, City Council Aljustrel, during the year 2020, will continue the performance of operations approved and provided funding Structural European Funds and Investment and national programs.

Photo: Tribuna Alentejo

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