Aljustrel: Fetal accident on mine makes one dead and one seriously injured.

One dead, one seriously injured, It was the result of the fall of a light vehicle goods 4×4 to a moat, inside the mine Fetal, located in the place of Iron Mesh, in Aljustrel.

The two workers, mechanical profession, They are working for the Portuguese company Mining Development (EPDM), providing services for Almina, owns the Aljustrel mine.

The accident occurred shortly after 11,00 hours yesterday (Monday), when the car fell into a ditch 40 meters deep from an altitude of 310 To the 350 meters, dragging the two workers inside.

Joaquim Maria Guerreiro, of 46 year old, residing in Valley Eiras, Parish of Ermidas-Sado, municipality of Santiago do Cacém, Vehicle driver, He was incarcerated between the steering wheel and the plates and died instantly. Cerca the 13,30 JN hours witnessed the arrival of the victim's wife, in tears that, the mine door had confirmation of the death of her husband. The couple has three children, one of them, minor.

The serious injured, Court is John Black, of 25 year old, resides in Ervidel, county Aljustrel, He was transported to the Beja Hospital, presenting a clinical picture defined as "very complicated".

According to found the LN, the accident occurred on a section of the mine with a takedown open, unsigned, which meant that the car had fallen into the void. Source heard by our newspaper explained that the mine Somincor, Neves-Corvo (Castro Verde), since in situations like "there is a dam that bar the passage of a vehicle, which prevents accident. Here we are over the earth and the car crashed ", justified.

In the mine ordinance, It has requested a response to the accident, by the Almina or EPDM, having been referred by security elements that "there is no indication that statements are provided on the subject", said.

In addition to the teams of First Intervention of the mine itself, They were on site 32 operating the Aljustrel Fire, INEM ambulance, support vehicle immediately life (SIV) Castro Verde, GNR and the Territorial Detachment and Environmental, supported by 13 Car.

The helicopter Loulé INEM reached land on synthetic turf Stadium of Aljustrel and after doctor and nurse have stabilized the victim, this was transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the Hospital Beja. Also the Rescue Team in large angle of Beja Fire, was prevention, but also ended up being demobilized.

The Conditions Authority at Work (ACT) It opened an investigation into the causes of the accident.

Luis Cavaco

(Leader of the Workers Union Mining Industry / STIM)

"In the mine there is not a true safety culture. There are many accidents that are hidden. Fear persists inside the mine and the workers are afraid of losing their jobs and in most cases do not speak. There was one death is more a number. The STIM will continue to fight and to disclose irregularities, always hoping that ACT act more actively ".

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Teixeira Correia


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