Aljustrel: The GNR has conducted surveillance operation on A2 (motorway in the Algarve).

surveillance operation, preventing and combating crime carried out by GNR, as well as arrests and seizure dr drug and weapons, It led to the issue of 105 contraordenação cars.

The Territorial Command Beja, yesterday held a surveillance operation, preventing and combating crime on the motorway No. 2, in Aljustrel.

The action focused on combating drug trafficking, possession of prohibited weapons, tax and customs legislation, environmental legislation, and still, road legislation, having been supervised over 600 respective drivers and vehicles.

The following results were obtained: six detainees, including three for drug trafficking crime, two for possession of prohibited weapons and for the crime of forgery and technical report of tachograph.

The GNR also seized 244 doses de haxixe e duas armas brancas, and issued 105 autos elaborate administrative offense, highlighting-se: 19 for speeding, 16 by excess weight in the transport of goods, 13 Goods under the regime Outstanding infringement to the VAT Code, due to lack of invoicing or not fill freight guides, six drug use, three under the pets, for lack of documentation and a certificate of administrative offense in violation of the Special Consumption Tax (IEC).

The GNR committed a total of 58 military various operating valences, namely, Territorial, Intervention, Nature and Environment Protection, Criminal and Fiscal Action Research, with the collaboration of five inspectors from the Foreigners and Borders Service.

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