Alentejo: Six Romanians detained in combat operation against trafficking in persons in agriculture.

The Foreigners and Borders Service arrested six people of Romanian nationality for trafficking suspicions people. More than 250 foreigners, East countries, victims of labor exploitation.

A year of thorough and painstaking work of the Directorate of the Central Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) It culminated on Tuesday with the arrest of six individuals of Romanian nationality, aged between 22 and 47 year old, for trafficking suspicions people, aiding illegal immigration and aid association illegal immigration.

The operation "Masline (Olive in Romanian), held in Beja areas, Ferreira do Alentejo and Montes Old (Aljustrel) and Torrão and even led to the identification of 255 foreign nationals citizens, coming from Eastern Europe, working subjected to degrading working conditions, housing and health.

The SEF concerns in a statement that this "was the largest combat operation to human trafficking", by OPC is used 141 operational, which aimed at "dismantling of a human trafficking network", which introduced foreign workers "illegally" in picking olives.

In the course of operation "Masline", whose inquiry was under the purview of DIAP of Évora, It has been complied with 6 Arrest Warrants, 8 to house search, 2 office search and 12 for seizure of vehicles. Turn the DIAP revealed that "amounts were seized cash, car, ammunition and tobacco ".

Has learned the Lidador News(LN), six arrested, among which are two individuals, F. e C., regarded as the "capos" of the structure that was recruiting workers in countries of origin, luring with better living conditions, but arrived in Portugal, They were no documents and were forced to work without receiving any salary, sleeping huddled in unfit housing.

Both individuals are managers of at least 14 companies to provide hand-intensive services and machinery in agriculture and have billed last year over 2,5 million.

The operation took place according to the SEF "with the support of several partners in terms of logistics" and the presence of Victim Support Network, to "ensure proper handling of situations there detected", justified.

The LN found that the 255 citizens identified, They were transported in several buses to the barracks of the Infantry Regiment 1, in Beja, where alleged victims of human trafficking were fed and subsequently identified and flagged. Cerca the 06,00 noon yesterday were then returned to the places where they live are.

Detainees will be present today in DIAP of Évora which will be heard and applied the enforcement measures.

Last day 7, in Cuba, PJ arrested an individual 40 year old, Romanian citizenship, suspicion of trafficking in persons for agricultural work in the region, having left in freedom, subject to coercion measure biweekly presentations to authorities. In the investigation beyond the detained suspect, was also accused constituted a foreign woman and a legal person.

In 16 November, LN disclosed the existence of a "ghost sleeping" at the bar (na photos) an old water park that is abandoned and located in Neves, county Beja, the "heart" of the olive picking.

Operation Tightrope- 17 April 2018

The Collective of Monsanto court judges applied effective prison sentences to 13 of 26 Defendants, between 6 and 16 years in prison. Two other defendants were convicted of pimping, another with suspended sentence and a last to a fine. The remaining nine defendants were acquitted, standing among them the lawyer

The investigation of the case began in December 2015, titrated by the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP)-4Th Section of the Public Prosecutor (MP) Sintra and resulted from the extraction of a certificate of another process also directed by the 4th section of DIAP Sintra, in collaboration of UNCT, and led to the operation “Tightrope”.

The police action led to the arrest of eighteen people, thirteen men and five women, after more than 30 searches conducted throughout the morning of the day 17 November 2015, in various parts of the territory, but especially in the West zone, specifically in Obidos and Ericeira, on the Alentejo coast, particularly in Santiago do Cacém, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira and Sao Teotonio, and still in Serpa and Gorda.

Operation "Tightrope", He investigated and accused 26 people of criminal association and crimes 35 trafficking in persons, 16 Romanian, 5 Bulgarians, 4 português, including the lawyer Bejense Hugo Machado, citizen Gorda and two Serpa, and 1 Ukrainian, of which 16 are in custody.

A network set up and led by clan Bambaloi, from Vila Nova de Milfontes, He won more than eight hundred thousand euros, amounts billed by four angariadoras companies of Romanian workers to pick olives, controlled by Bambaloi.

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